Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sometimes Goodbye is a Second Chance, But Sometimes So is "I'm Sorry"

I have had four best friends throughout my high school career. Four girls who I, to this day, love more than anything. Four wonderful, smart, beautiful young women with their lives ahead of them.
These four girls have been my guiding path, my light in the dark, band-aids to my heart. These four girls have been there through it all. Until very recently. And I feel so alone without them.

Emily Elizabeth Ferrari-

I cannot tell you how much I regret when it comes to our friendship. I feel so responsible for the path you walk. You were doing so well, you were recovering. And I made the ridiculous assumption that you could handle anything. That we were the same. We smoked together, a total of four times. If I could take back anything in our friendship, that would be it. You had been doing so well, and those times smoking together, I believe, brought you back into that lifestyle. My decision to smoke with you in turn made you comfortable using again. Which in turn led you to cocaine. Now I miss you more than ever and I feel like you're gone. I call you and you don't answer. I so badly want my Emu back, but I feel like you're lost. And I feel like that's my fault. I'm so sorry.

Alison Leigh Boring-

Out of all the girls, you were the one I knew I'd lose. Ever since our sophomore year, you've been relationally obsessed, or in love, or however you want to say it. You clung to our friendship when you didn't want to be friends. You lied, and often, about when you were allowed to hang out. When I spoke with people about college and you leaving, 4/5 would respond with “Yeah, but Alison's already basically gone anyways”. You've judged my life when you were making equally as bad of decisions. And so I'm letting you go, and I'm trying to do it civilly. You have an amazing life in front of you, and so do I. However, our lives aren't the same. I love having girl friends. You don't need me, or the other girls. And frankly you haven't been present in our lives for the past year + anyways. I will always love you and be there for you if you need me. But I don't need you. I'm really sorry it turned out this way, but it's for the best. I hope your life is filled with happiness and that you laugh more than you cry, and that you are abundantly blessed.

Elizabeth Alexandria Smith-

Darling Liz. So much has happened over the course of our friendship. We've had so many “firsts” together. I care about you so much, but our friendship seems difficult lately. I nearly killed you, Liz. I don't know if that's something I can get over. I can still hear you yelling “Destinee, Oh My God!” and Like a G6 in the background. I can still feel my car being smashed with you in my passenger seat. Since then things have been different. I feel like I need to take care of you, like I'm responsible. I can't imagine losing my Liz. Since then, I feel like you've been sadder. Like you're stressed. Maybe even like you're angry at me. I am so sorry for what happened. I should have been more responsible, I should have been more careful. I'm sorry Liz.

Rachel Ann Jones-

You've always answered your phone when I call, or called me back. This past month I have been less than the desireable friend to you. I am so sorry for not always being there like I should, and for sometimes being selfish in our friendship. This month has been crap for all of us, but I threw myself a mini-pity-party. I focused only on how hurt I was, how much I lost instead of looking at it from your shoes, or anyone elses. I'm so sorry that I wasn't the best friend I'm supposed to be.

Sometimes goodbye is a second chance. Sometimes opportunities grow through the pain and mistakes. Sometimes amazing lessons are learned through heartache. Something good is coming for us all, girls. I can feel it. I love you all so much, no matter where life has taken us. Thank you for this journey of friendship.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Wake Me Up When September Ends...

September Sucked.

I got expelled from the school I've been at since junior high. My small private school. i had to switch schools in the middle of my senior year, to a school where I knew hardly anyone and didn't know how the teachers ran their classes. Still don't.

I got into a horrible car accident and almost killed one of my best friends, myself, and another friend. Totaled my car. Have no way of getting around. Injured my knee pretty badly and now have a limp.

Yes, that's right. I started a brand new school walking about with a limp. I look like I have a disability.

So basically, in the procession of September, I lost my group of girls, my mode of transportation, my physical capability, my comfort zone, and all my money will be going to saving for a new car.

I know I'm lucky to be okay. But it sucks a lot right now.
And no one seems to get that.

I'll write more detailed posts later about each event.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Just in case you were wondering...

I will be back, and soon.

I'm very busy dealing with life but will be updating in a week or so :)