Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kiss and Tell

Last night, I was trying to list all the boys I've ever kissed. I knew I was forgetting one. Someone said to me, "When you can't remember everyone you've kissed is when you become a slut..." They said it as a joke. They weren't serious. But somehow, it got to me.

Today Justin and i broke up. It was very mutual and we decided to be friends. It doesn't hurt. And so I wonder, is that bad? We went out for three months and hung out as if were dating for the month before that. Four months, and breaking up doesn't hurt. I feel like maybe I lost my capabilities to fall in love when Tyler fell out of love with me. Maybe, one really horrible break up makes it so you can never move on.

I still feel broken over it sometimes. Not over Skylar. Not over Justin. Over Tyler. We weren't meant to be, we shouldn't be together, we never will again. Yet sometimes I wonder what I'd say if he came back. I wonder if my heart still belongs to him. Normally I say no. But sometimes... sometimes, I wonder.

So, I've been thinking... Mainly because I feel like I need to think about who I am, and what I want in a boy.... And if I'm even okay with everything going on in my heart. Or my head. Or really, the fact that I'm just not feeling anything....

Eight Boys. Eight Boys who's lives I've touched, in some small way. Eight boys who had some small connection with me. Eight boys who have changed my life, some in huge ways and some in small ones.

So, to :
Marcus Mikowski
Joe Trull
Tyler Houston
Turner Rodgers
Brandon Jones
Patric Catalano
Skylar King-Strang
Justin Luiten

For better or for worse, boys. You all have changed me and molded me into the girl I am woman I'm becoming. For better or for worse, I am who I am, a big part of it because of you. So thank you for the steps you helped me take. And thank you for times I fell because you pushed me. I am stronger, I am more confident. I am capable. I gave you each a piece of me, some a very small piece and some, part of my heart. Some of you have hurt me, and some of you I've hurt. But we learn, we grow, we change. So thank you for everything. I don't regret any of you.

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