Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Smashed Vehicle.

I love my car. It's small and red and has a sun roof. It drives fast and gets good gas milage. I adore it. Today, I even wrote in a note on facebook how much I love my car. However, I also wrote in said note about how scared I am of hitting something, and the greek gods or Jesus or whoever's in charge of shitty lessons that need learned decided that I loved my car too much.
I help my sister out sometimes. I take my niece out, we go to the park or Bouncin Bears or the lake and we play for a couple hours and eat icecream so Danielle can focus on the baby. I love it, my niece Valley loves it, Danielle loves it. But today when Valley and I were out, she got really sick and started crying. So i went to take her home. When I was pulling into the parking garage at the apartment complex, (into a really tight space that happens to have huge giant poles right next to it?) Valley suddenly starts screaming. I freaked out and turned the wheel all the way to the right while turning to see if she's okay... and hit my lovely baby car right into the pole. Where it got stuck. And every time I tried to move forward or backward, all I could hear was the sickening crunch of my right door and back end being smashed. Now my car is hurt and needs surgery, which I'm going to have to pay for. (AKA a new door and the back end buffed out and a paint touch up).
At first I was freaking out and I cried for like an hour. Bawled, actually. But I posted on facebook and people helped me keep it in perspective...
-No one was hurt. Valley is safe, I am safe.
-I can still drive the car while I save the money for repairs, it's not totalled.
-My first "accident" is behind me.
-My Mom isn't mad at me.
-No other cars were involved, so I don't have to deal with that.
-Did I mention that me and my niece are still alive? Because wow. I'm so glad I didn't get into a really bad accident and kill us both, or hurt her, or another driver.

So yeah. My car is hurt, I have to figure out how to pay for repairs, and right now it looks pretty ugly and I feel like white trash driving it, but I'm still alive, and no ones hurt (except for my car). And that is something to be truly grateful for.

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